Obesity – Ideal body weight – Thyroid disease

Obesity is one of today’s increasingly frequent and serious problems and it started being considered a disease, while some also consider it an epidemic. All in all it is a modern and certainly more frequent occurrence in our modern lives. Every person who has a weight increase of more than 10% compared to their ideal body weight is considered obese. You can also easily calculate your body mass index (BMI – body mass index).

Ideal body weight

Obesity and Ideal body weight

BMI is calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by your height squared (in meters). If a person has:

  • BMI > 30 they are considered obese,
  • BMI > 25 and BMI < 30 they are considered overweight,
  • BMI > 18.5 and BMI < 25 they are considered to have a normal body mass index.

Obesity has its consequences. It significantly reduced quality of life. This is particularly evident by aging when this problem combines with others. Aging reduces the ability of physical activity, and when we add obesity it becomes a problem; many do not like their appearance, the whole metabolism changes and there are other physical and psychological problems.

Causes of obesity

Causes of obesity

The causes may vary, but most common one are unhealthy food, lack of physical activity, heritage, psychological reasons, difficulties in eating habits, aging, lack of movement, drugs, hormones, and in rare cases some other disease can lead to weight gain, such as hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid function) or specific diseases (Cushing’s disease, Stein-Leventhal syndrome).Lack of physical activity in our modern life is one of the greatest threats that leadto obesity. In fact people move less and less, they are not engaged in sports or other physical activities. This is definitely not good, and holding on to such habits for a long time sooner or later leads to problems. The first signs that you have to respond to if you include running out of oxygen even during small physical efforts, frequent fatigue, depression and backache. If you have even one of these problems, it is recommended that you check your daily schedule and leave room for exercise. Active person is any person who spends 30 minutes a day being active. Of course, this number increases for younger people or decreases for the elderly. Exercises that a person is engaged in are also important. Certainly it is recommended to walk, followed by other physical activities such as hiking, swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, cycling, etc. Scientists strongly recommend that people also include in their activities exercises that make a lot of pressure on the bones and muscle tissue such as skiing. Here are some other reasons why you should change your bad habits if you want to live being more satisfied, happier and above all healthier. It has been shown that physical activity:

  • Reduces stress and depression,
  • Strengthens muscles, bones, self-confidence, the immune system,
  • Remarkably reduces the risk of high blood pressure,
  • Reduces blood sugar and the risk of diabetes,
  • Reduces body weight,
  • Improves brain functioning,
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, etc.

Here are the most important proven properties of black tea, and black tea also has other very useful properties.

Treating obesity (reducing excess weight)

Treating obesity

A cure for obesity is easy to describe, but very difficult to perform. Therefore, more preferred is preservation of normal weight. This is done in such a way that we:

  1. Engage in physical activity every day,
  2. Pay attention to which food we eat,
  3. Do walking, jogging every day,
  4. Do fitness,
  5. Eat food with more fruits and vegetables, etc.

Since people unfortunately start thinking about this problem only after it becomes a problem for them, here are a few ways to lose weight. There are several ways to reduce the excess weight. Many people takemedication, various mixtures, etc. All of this either shows or does not show results, but many such mixtures are also negative consequences. This is why it is not recommended to use any medication, mixtures or other products. An alternative way to reduce weight is to reduce intake of calories, stop eating food that makes us fat (for example bread), it is important that you want to lose weight, change habits and use well-known beverages that do not help with losing weight but rather help with balancing the metabolism and digestion, thus being an excellent background for losing weight, and such a beverage is green tea. Green tea is not a beverage for weight loss but it helps with weight loss and you have to know that there will be no results without other above mentioned activities.

Other ways of reducing excess weight are weight loss: acupuncture, during sleep, cavitation, auriculotherapy etc.

It is up to you to decide whether you will lose weight in a healthy but slow way (using one beverage that is known for its extremely good properties, and that among other things helps with weight loss) or in a fast and unhealthy way.

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