Matcha – Matcha tea – Matcha green tea

Matcha green tea is produced in Japan, in known provinces Nishio and Uji. The method of processing leaves originated from the Sung Dynasty (960 to 1278) when a powder was turned into so-called „Jade Foam“ by whipping. Today leaves are picked four weeks before the first picking while tea bushes are still covered to prevent the contact of leaves with the light. Leaves are therefore small and dark green. After the picking procedures of washing and drying leaves follow and eventually leaves are crushed in a stone mill. Tea made from this powder is highly appreciated and expensive. Today in Japan it is used for Cha No Yu tea ceremony and is used by Buddhist monks during meditation.

Matcha tea

Tea is very rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and contains catechin, carotene because when drinking the tea, tea powder is drunk as well and this sets this tea apart from other green teas. This makes it extremely healing.

There are two basic types of Matcha tea, which are Matcha – usucha and koicha.

The difference is that usucha is produced from leaves of plants that are younger than 30 years, and koicha from leaves of plants that are older than 30 years.

In the tea ceremony koicha is made with less water and has a sweeter taste. Koicha is more appreciated and expensive than usucha.

Preparation – of Matcha tea

Preparation of Matcha tea
Matcha tea is usually prepared according to personal taste, i.e. there is only one rule in the preparation of this tea and this is not to use boiled water. If you do not want to try out, prepare Matcha tea as follows, but you will need these two items: matcha bowl and bamboo whisk (special whisk made of bamboo).

  1. Heat the water up to 60°C (it is important that the water is hot, but not boiling).
  2. Put 1 – 2 grams of powder in matcha bowl.
  3. Stir the tea until it foams keeping in mind that the firmer foam is, the better the tea (with bamboo whisk).

As an additive with Matcha it is recommended to take for example cake, chocolate or ice-cream.


Like in everything else it is not good to exaggerate in drinking tea. Drinking 10 cups of matcha tea a day is not good of course, but 1-2 cups a day cannot hurt.

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