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For linden tea linden flowers are used. Linden (Latin: Tilia) is a tree that grows in forests, parks and parkways, and there are more species out of which the healing ones are: Tilia officinalis, Tilia cordata, Tilia platyphyllos, Tilia grandifolia, Tilia parvifolia. It does not matter which of these lindens is used because they all have the same healing properties. Linden tree can reach a height of 25 to 30 meters, the age of several hundred years, and it grows at altitudes up to 1100 meters. Linden flowers are greenish yellow, small, heart-shaped, pointed at the end, with serrated brims and extremely fragrant. The leaves are picked with flowers and flowering lasts for about a week. The healing properties of linden tea are great, and the history of the Slavs who highly respected the linden also speaks of it.


Healing properties – of linden tea

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The proven healing properties of linden are:

  • It lowers blood pressure,
  • It is very good for alleviating pain when urinating,
  • It improves perspiration and urine,
  • Good for treating anemia,
  • Good for treating dropsy,
  • It purifies the blood and kidneys,
  • Tea is very good for colds, flu and diseases of the respiratory organs,
  • Good for treating chronic and convulsive coughing,
  • Against spasms,
  • For appeasement (relaxes tensed nerves and enables good night’s sleep),
  • Good for treating epilepsy,
  • It prevents inflammation of the lungs and trachea,
  • Good for treating kidney stones
  • It removes wrinkles and age spots from the skin of the face,
  • It prevents hair loss,
  • It is good to rinse and coat burns and wounds in tea,
  • It improves egestion,
  • And many other good properties of this beverage.

Linden tea has a lot of healing properties, but the most important is to know how to prepare it.

Preparation – of linden tea

Preparation – of linden tea

A classic way of preparing linden tea

If the instructions on the package do not indicate otherwise, pour 0.2 l of boiling water over a teaspoon of plant or over a filter bag. Cover and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and drink freshly prepared tea.

  1. Boil 0.2 liters of water.
  2. Put 1 bag. If tea is not in the form of tea bags then put a teaspoon of linden plant.
  3. Pour boiled water over it.
  4. Leave it for 10 – 15 min.
  5. Strain it.
  6. It is recommended to drink this beverage two times a day.
  7. You can start drinking this tea with mild and pleasant balsamic flavor.

Linden tea that relaxes the nerves, gives a good night’s sleep, is good for treating anemia, dropsy, epilepsy, colds of respiratory organs, chronic and convulsive cough, alleviates pain when urinating, purifies the blood and kidneys, improves egestion, stimulates the secretion of sweat and urine is prepared as follows:

  1. Boil 1 liter of water until it starts to seethe,
  2. Put 10 – 20 g of flower,
  3. Pour boiled water over the flower,
  4. Leave it for 5 – 10 minutes,
  5. Strain the tea,
  6. After this you can start drinking the tea taking into consideration that one cup of it should be drunk three times a day, and the rest during the day instead of water.

Linden tea for purification of blood is prepared as follows:

  1. Cook 25 g linden flowers in 2.5 dl of water until it is half boiled,
  2. Then add it to the milk (also coffee) which was prepared, but with 1 large spoon of honey (1 spoon for 1 cup),
  3. Drink 1-2 cups a day (for a longer period of time).

Linden remedy for anemia, spasms, stomach and nerves problems.

For 3 – 4 months each 1 – 2 hours during the day drink 1 large spoon of wine, in which 25 g of linden flowers were soaked for 12 – 16 hours with 1 large spoon of honey (in ¼ liters of it).

Linden tea against diarrhea.

  1. Boil 1/2 liters of water until it starts to seethe.
  2. Compose the mixture of: 30 g of linden and chamomile flowers, 10 g of each agrimony, rose flower, dog rose and germander.
  3. Pour boiled water over 3 large spoons of mixture.
  4. Leave it covered for 1 hour.
  5. Strain the tea.
  6. Drink this tea as warm as possible during the day.

Linden tea which causes heavy sweating. It was used for chills and feverish conditions.

  1. Boil 1/2 liters of water until it starts to seethe.
  2. Compose the mixture of: 25 g of each linden, elder and chamomile flowers, 15 g of black nightshade (Solanumnirum), and 10 g of white saponaria.
  3. Pour boiled water over 3 large spoons of mixture.
  4. Leave it covered for 1 hour.
  5. Strain the tea.
  6. Drink this tea as warm as possible during the day.

Additives to the prepared – linden tea

Additives to the prepared – linden tea

It is not recommended to spoil the taste and healing properties of linden tea with additives.If you really do not like the taste, you can add one spoon of honey to the tea.

Packaging – of linden tea

Linden tea can be found in packaging of filter bags and packaging with leaves and flowers.


It is best to use the leaves and flowers in the real leafy form. By packing leaves into bags for commercial sale, the leaves are broken thus losing some of its very healing properties and degrading the taste.

Preservation – of linden tea

Preservation – of linden tea

It is recommended to store this tea at a temperature of 25 º C in a dry place in a tightly closed container.

Breeding and picking – of linden

Breeding and picking – of linden

Linden grows in forests, parks and parkways. It blooms in June and July. This is when linden smells extremely good and it attracts various insects with its fragrance, such as bees that collect nectar and make highly appreciated linden honey.When picking it the leaves and flowers are picked. The best picking is at the beginning of flowering. It is not good to pick when flowers are fully blossomed or when leaves get rusty stains. Linden flower has 30-40 stamens, five petals and outgrown pistil, and the fruit is the bean that is hard, globular and one-seeded.

Processing and classification – of linden

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The flowers have to be dried after picking. It is best to dry them in a well-ventilated area and in the shade. Once dried they must maintain their natural yellow-green color and a very pleasant smell.

Origin and history – of linden

Porijeklo i povijest lipe

Linden is a tree that has a rich history. The first record of the linden tree was written by Herodotus (Greek historian named “the father of history”), and he wrote that the Enar people prophesied from the linden character. Ancient habitants of Europe used linen for making braiding.The most important for the history of linden are the Slavic tribes. They lived in the linden woods and were much attached to trees because they provided food, water, protection. They especially appreciated linden because it gave them food, honey and wax.

Slavs dedicated trees to their gods, so the linden is dedicated to the goddess Vida (she is the patron of love). Therefore, some call linden tree the tree of love. Slavs believed that after death people continue to live in the roots, trunks and treetops. It was believed that linden keeps from evil and spells and that is why people built houses near them.

The first to write about the healing properties of linden is a German physician, alchemist and adventurer Johann Joachim Becher.

Linden was such a worshiped tree that many streets, restaurants and rivers are called by it, and in Croatia even the currency is named after it.



It contains iron, calcium, tannin (most of it is in small leaves nearest to the flower), manganese salts, essential oil, mucus, glycosides, sugar, gum, wax, resin, yellow color, mannitol, kartart, Farnesol, turpentine alcohol (it gives a smell to the flower), the flower and the leaf are extremely filled with vitamins, and the seeds with fat oil.


Do not take too much of linden tea because it can cause heart problems.

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